Am I Ready For A Custom Home?

When thinking about whether or not you are ready for a custom home, there are many factors to consider. The main thing to remember is that you need to manage your expectations and keep them in sync with reality. Almost anyone could commission a 500 square foot custom home, but it’s probably not going to satisfy your needs, and will almost certainly not satisfy your wants. 

Am I Grounded In My Community?

Most people that are considering building a custom home are ready to stay put for a while. It is not normal for an individual or family to go through the process of building a home and move out a year later. Granted, there are extreme circumstances or opportunities that require such a move, but they are not usually planned.

What Do I Expect From My Home?

This is a loaded question. If you are a family with children trying to answer this question, there will be varied answers from everyone involved. Do I want a media room in addition to a family room so that the TV doesn’t take precedence over family time? Do I want a home gym? Do the kids really need walk-in closets? Should we go ahead and include an in-law apartment over the garage? 

You must be able to answer these questions and come to a general consensus while going through the process of designing and building a custom home. 

Can I Afford It?

I said at the beginning of this article that anyone can build a custom home if their expectations are low enough. It’s quite likely, however, that you, your spouse, and your 2.1 kids can’t live comfortably in a one-room 500 square foot house. Once you have your expectations figured out, an architect and builder can help you determine whether or not your expectations are in line with your budget.

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